Sore Fingers Summer Schools

Just about the best musical experience you can have!  Folks come from miles away, even from the U.S.A.  to take part.  The event is held at Kingham School in the Cotswolds every Easter.  The five day residential course (covering all instruments and vocals) is staffed mostly by the best of the American Bluegrass and Old Time musicians.  The week offers a chance to play in a band, and to perform in a concert, and a chance to go to some of the best concerts you will ever see.
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Sore Fingers also runs a week end in October, mostly staffed by British Tutors with American guests to run master classes when available. For more details of the events, please click on the link above and visit the Sore Fingers Web Site.


November 2019


Christmas is looming…. The nights get darker and the days get shorter… The festival season is well behind us…. Oh gloom….. Is it? No, read on.

The passing of the winter months soon bring us to Spring again and closer to the 25th Sore Fingers Week. Despite the Bluegrass and Old Time close season, we are busy, recruiting still more tutors and dealing with bookings which we are pleased to say are coming consistently. Keep them coming, our target is 300 students, possibly a challenge in these difficult times.

What’s new? We have a second guitar tutor to supplement the skills of Peter Mc :Laughlin. Ross Martin (Matt Flinner Trio) is joining us and will teach those with a more progressive bent. Ross is a frequent collaborator with the likes of Grant Gordy and other of the generation who have been pushing the boundaries of Flatpick guitar playing.

At the October weekend, we introduced a brand new course, “improvisation”. Maestro Guitarist Andy MacKenzie took this class on and did a sterling job showing students the way to improvise using chord and scale theory. After receiving some fantastic student feedback, we soon realised that this class need five days. So, without hesitation, we’ve asked Andy to come at Easter to run this exciting course.

The elusive Dirk Powell has sent us a message and is interested in coming back to Sore Fingers Week next Easter. This man is busy so when he makes himself available, one tends to agree to a booking without hesitation. Dirk is a power house of a musician, has boundless energy and is a very popular tutor. Last time he came, he turned the Showcases into “Texas Barroom sessions”, taught all day, and played all night in the bar! He’ the first person to actually leave Kingham with sore fingers...

Finally, we can confirm these will be a full programme of beginners classes run by Charlotte and Laura Carrivick and John Breese covering all the main instruments.

So, is the 25th Sore Fingers Week going to be good? You bet.

John, Moira and the team

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