Sore Fingers Summer Schools

Just about the best musical experience you can have!  Folks come from miles away, even from the U.S.A.  to take part.  The event is held at Kingham School in the Cotswolds every Easter.  The five day residential course (covering all instruments and vocals) is staffed mostly by the best of the American Bluegrass and Old Time musicians.  The week offers a chance to play in a band, and to perform in a concert, and a chance to go to some of the best concerts you will ever see.
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Wednesday, March 18th, 2020





As Easter Sore Fingers Week scheduled from 13th to 17th April CANNOT RUN due to Government COVID-19 restrictions, the event has been re-scheduled to take place in December 2020 from Tuesday 15th to Saturday 19th December, 2020.


All pre-booked students have been notified and asked to indicate whether they are able to attend on those days but we do anticipate many will not be in a position to take time off or will be restricted by their working arrangements, people in education for instance.  We had little choice with time slot as it was the only one available to us and we’re tied into Kingham Hill School.


We will be appealing to people who may not have been able to attend at the 2020 Easter week to book for the December event to make sure we can run a viable and successful Sore Fingers and replace the bookings we lose.  And of course, it will be unique in probably being the only Sore Fingers Week ever with a Christmas theme!


Moira and I have always run Sore Fingers Summer School with the aim of providing a fun and enjoyable event but behind the scenes, we take responsibility for the welfare of students, tutors and our loyal team of helpers.  So, if we can protect people’s interests and minimise the impact of this crisis,  we’ll work towards that goal.  In in this case, the only way to minimise that impact was to run an event in 2020.  We fully intend to run Sore Fingers Week at the normal dates in 2021 and we are also intending to run the 2020 October Weekend.


Musicians the world over are going to suffer a pretty lean time with all the festival and concert cancellations that are coming in and their incomes severely challenged.  Remember, these folk are mostly self-employed.  If we can preserve those paid jobs, then we will,


As a community we need to be pragmatic and flexible and think for the common good and perhaps  pull out some stops to d things we don’t normally do to help keep things ticking over.  So, if you have to ask your boss nicely for Holiday at an unusual time, then explain why and that it helping others to survive in a difficult period.


Booking are open, please use the existing forms, .  It’s still the 25th Sore Fingers Week and it will be spiced up with Christmas Cheer!


John & Moira Wirtz
Sore Fingers Summer Schools

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