The British Bluegrass Music Association

The British Bluegrass Music Association was founded in 1990 with the aim of supporting and promoting bluegrass activity in the United Kingdom and making information about bluegrass music available to the general public. The association has been through a lot of changes since then, but after more then twenty years it is still going strong and working hard to get bigger and better all the time.

The BBMA publishes a quarterly magazine, The British Bluegrass News (BBN). Filled with information, reviews, articles, festivals and tour dates, it keeps our members up to date with what’s been happening in the British bluegrass community and informed of any future events of note. It is also a chance for members to impart their knowledge of bluegrass music and related subjects to the wider community and we encourage members to write articles and reviews for inclusion. For a more detailed look at the BBN, please see the relevant page on this website.

Everything the BBMA does to promote and support bluegrass in Great Britain, is only possible with the generosity and help of the British bluegrass community. The BBMA and all the people it helps are very aware and very grateful for that help and support. We sincerely hope you will join us in our endeavours to promote and support British bluegrass and it’s bands and musicians, both in the UK and around the world.


Corona Virus

As an illustration of how much trouble we are in, a well known Folk Festival have asked for their supporters to accept the rescheduling of the event - this is a quote from their publication (apply to Bluegrass!) ........ In preparation for 2020, we have already spent considerable amounts of money on deposits, production and marketing costs which we will not be able to recoup.

So, having to postpone will have a substantial financial impact, on the Festival, but also the wider community of artists and traders.

This will leave us going into 2021 with a significant deficit, which may take several years to clear, if we can get through the next few years.

We appreciate this is a difficult financial time for many, but we have been asked by several supporters whether they can help. So we have put together a Crowdfunder with some exclusive and brilliant rewards for those in a position to support at this time. 

By working to secure the future of the festival we are also able to offer hope to affected artists, that work will return next year. The MU is offering help to both members and non members - click on link.















Any BBMA members who are also members of the IBMA?

Please help by nominating our British Band - Midnight Sky Racer for the above awards. Its not very often we are in the running - so lets get behind the Girls!

Musicians / Festivals /Promotors

We need some understanding!  Some of us do this for fun, some professionally, and some as their sole income. A lot of folks are going to be in serious trouble when we are finished with the current lock down,  Musicians will have contracts that are now practically worthless. Promoters will be paying out on some of those contracts with no chance of income. Festival organisers will have had to meet some expenses with no chance of financial return. In a similar position are our Airlines - they are asking people to defer flights rather than ask for refunds .... its the only way they will stay in business.  If you have bought tickets for gigs, festivals, events, please be patient with your promoter if they have offered to re schedule  -  once they are out of business the event will have gone ..... permanently !  We would like them to be back, operating once we get back to reality. For BBMA members - please remember we are here to help..... the committee will always consider any request .... you just have to ask!







Do you play Banjo?

Recommend you check these lessons out!






April  - The BBMA is currently having difficulties with its web site - yet more virus problems, meanwhile we all have our own problems with the Corona Virus outbreak.

Sad news sees the death recently of John Prine for more details please look at 

The 22nd March also saw the loss of Eric Wiessberg - best known for his Dueling Banjo's from the sound track of Deliverance . Eric was 80 yrs old, and died from complications of Alzheimer's disease.  He was a multi instrumentalist having played with The Green Briar Boys, and recorded on John Denver's hit Country Roads and Bob Dylans album "Blood On The Tracks

The loss of a number of our festivals has also delivered a hammer blow to Bluegrass, and our professional musicians are having a very hard time of it - their income removed almost completely.  Please support them in what ever way you can - buy their albums - get a Skype lesson, or just donate.

On the good news front - a lot of our members are now posting videos, and live streaming.  Sorefingers looks set to run at Christmas - always a fun event, but this year expect something special...... bets are being taken on Father Christmas turning up to a morning assembly!  For more details please see the SF page and go to the SF web site.


Didmarton  Festival

We are certain that you are all well aware of the ongoing situation with the Covid19 pandemic, so we don't expect it to come as any surprise that we sadly have to announce the postponement of Didmarton 2020 until next year. It was not an easy decision or one that the committee wanted to have to make, but as with so many festivals and events this year we are out of options and up against deadlines. With government guidelines as they stand and the pandemic continuing, there is simply no way it can happen.

As we can't gather to watch music, chat, catch up and play music together this year, we will be looking to host something like a virtual festival on our Facebook page over the usual Didmarton festival weekend. Videos of bands that should have been performing this year and videos from previous festivals, that we can all watch together at the same time. It won't be the same, but at least we'll be able to connect with each other in our love of Bluegrass music. Please do join us. 

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