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The British Bluegrass Music Association was founded in 1990 with the aim of supporting and promoting bluegrass activity in the United Kingdom and making information about bluegrass music available to the general public. The association has been through a lot of changes since then, but after more then twenty years it is still going strong and working hard to get bigger and better all the time.

The BBMA publishes a quarterly magazine, The British Bluegrass News (BBN). Filled with information, reviews, articles, festivals and tour dates, it keeps our members up to date with what’s been happening in the British bluegrass community and informed of any future events of note. It is also a chance for members to impart their knowledge of bluegrass music and related subjects to the wider community and we encourage members to write articles and reviews for inclusion. For a more detailed look at the BBN, please see the relevant page on this website.

Everything the BBMA does to promote and support bluegrass in Great Britain, is only possible with the generosity and help of the British bluegrass community. The BBMA and all the people it helps are very aware and very grateful for that help and support. We sincerely hope you will join us in our endeavours to promote and support British bluegrass and it’s bands and musicians, both in the UK and around the world.


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This will probably come as little surprise to you, but we have now made the final decision to cancel Crossover Festival 2020. We held back to make our decision regarding the cancellation based on

what was happening, rather than speculation along with numerous other issues that come with running a festival. However, it is now obvious that mass gatherings will not be taking place. This is a devastating blow to us, especially with the amount of work we have put in to move to a new venue.

We cannot postpone the event, so full refunds will be given to everyone who bought a ticket.

HOWEVER: We are hoping that you will consider using your refund money (if you are able to do so) to help the musicians that will, undoubtedly, be affected by the mass cancelling of gigs. Musicians are often self employed and rely on gigs to make their living. This unprecedented event will cause major problems for them. (NB. We still need to refund your ticket money, even if you choose to use it for helping artists at a later date.)

We have been trying to think of ways of supporting the artists and are hopeful that some of you will want to be involved in this…

What we are proposing is a form of ‘virtual festival’, where Crossover artists choose a timeslot within a week (the week around the festival dates) and put on an online concert.

We have heard good things about Stageit, where artists can decide a ticket price, play from a location of their choice and stream the concert to ticket holders in real time. It has the added feature that people can throw in extra tips, should they wish to do so.

The concert isn’t recorded, so it can’t be viewed afterwards; meaning that each gig is unique.

We liaised with Crossover artists (both past and present) and found that some of them were able, and willing, to put on a live concert, albeit sometimes in a slightly different line-up. We hope that you will support these artists by purchasing a ticket to their online concert. We will post a feature of which artists will be performing along with a timetable in the next few weeks.

Crossover Festival would NOT be looking to make any money from this. The bands would take the ticket money, via their own platform, not the festival. We would just promote it via our website, newsletter and social media. We believe it is a time for community spirit and working together in order to help each other, so are willing to put in the time to schedule and promote this.

Many of the acts might be already planning this on their own anyway. If that is the case, then please support them in their endeavour. We understand that this is simply not possible for some bands, as they will not be able to meet up due to social distancing/isolation etc, and online concerts are sometimes not what people want to watch. If this is the case, then you can still help…

1) Consider buying the artists’ CDs/merch etc from their own website. (Spotify/YouTube etc will not help for smaller artists at this time (the number of streams needed to make any significant money is not realistic; but let’s not start a debate about that now).

2) Book online music lessons. Musicians will no doubt have a lot of extra time at home now- use their time - book lessons, buy their resources.

We thank you in advance for your support,

Good luck to you all, and hopefully see you all in a field or gig somewhere in the not so distant future!

Julie, Eleanor & Emily

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