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North Drive

 We are sad to announce the death of our Bass player Martin Kennard - we are all still struggling with the idea that he will no longer be with us.  We have been together for some 15 years, and have many fond memories from our journey as musicians and friends.  Martin died from a Heart attack - early November. He was in all aspects a larger than life character with a great sense of humour. Martin played Bass with us, but was also very much at home on a number of different instruments - Fiddle and Melodeon saw him lead many Barn Dances.  His diverse interest in music particularly Bluegrass and Old Time brought many different influences to the band. We will miss Martin so much, but have decided to continue with the three of us for now - we know this is what Martin would have wanted.


Martin Kennard 1957 - 2023


North Drive
Sally Watson - Vocals, Mandolin
​Rick Tarrant - Vocals, Guitar
Martin Kenard - Vocals, Bass
Richard Holland - Vocals, Banjo
More than two years away from gigging - family and health reasons - North Drive are back!
Bluegrass standards
Self penned material
Songs and tunes played with the Bluegrass Instruments



Coldest Night £5

Kentucky Borderline - R Vincent

All The Way To Texas - J Starling

The Coldest Night - S Watson

It Had To Be You - R Tarrant

Happy Man - R Tarrant

Black And White - Cherryholmes

You'll Know - R Tarrant

North Drive - R Tarrant

Pacific Time - Stafford/Gulley

Numbers Man - R Tarrant

Song For James - S Watson

Blow Big Wind - L Lewis

The Promised Land - R Tarrant

Happy Man - North Drive
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Coldest Night - North Drive
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Pub Session!

Photos - Barry at the Pub!

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